The purpose of the Federation is to promote the advancement of neuroscience research and education in the Asian Oceanian regions, which include Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand and Islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The Federation shall aim also at contributing to the advancement of neuroscience worldwide.

The FAONS Congress and FAONS Symposium are typically organised on an alternating 2 year cycle by representatives from a Neuroscience Society that is a member of FAONS.

The position of FAONS President on the FAONS Council is assumed by the President of the Neuroscience Society that is hosting either the Congress or the Symposium.

Latest News

FAONS President

Michisuke Yuzaki, M.D., Ph.D.

The Japan Neuroscience Society 

The 8th FAONS Meeting

Dean & Professor

Keio University Graduate School of Medicine

email: myuzaki@a5.keio.jp

FAONS Secretary

FAONS Treasurer


2024 FAONS Congress


The FAONS Congress 2024 will be hosted by The Japan Neuroscience Society(JNS) in Fukuoka, Japan, in conjunction with The 24th Annual Meeting of The Japan Neuroscience Society.

Dr. Sung-Jin Jeong

Prof. Tadashi Isa

Call for Neuroscience Chief Editors


Juan Lerma, who has served as Editor-in-Chief of IBRO’s journal Neuroscience for an extended period, will step down by the end of 2023. IBRO has therefore opened a call for expressions of interest to take on the reins of Neuroscience from January 2024 onwards. With a view to position the journal in the best possible situation within a challenging global landscape of scientific publishing, an editorial structure based around a global team of dedicated Chief Editors is envisioned. Motivated and experienced scientists with a keen interest in, and understanding of the role of society journal publishing are warmly encouraged to express their interest on or before 31 August 2023.


Call for Chief Editors of Neuroscience: https://ibro.org/call-editors-in-chief-of-neuroscience/


Call for members of IBRO’s five Regional Committees


The Regional Committees are, as I’m sure that you know, centrally involved in delivering IBRO’s mission across the five IBRO world regions. Recruitment of engaged new members for these committees is therefore of high importance to IBRO in order to ensure the best possible reach and impact of our programs globally. There are open slots for members in all five IBRO Regional Committees. Proposals of new members are made on behalf of, and by each of IBRO’s close to 100 member organizations, and by the members of the IBRO Executive Committee. Motivated individuals who wish to be involved in delivering IBRO’s mission in their region are warmly encouraged to contact a member society of IBRO for their nomination or contact IBRO directly for support in this regard via secretariat@ibro.org. Proposals for new members should be received on or before 23 June 2023.


Call for Regional Committee members: https://ibro.org/call-new-members-regional-committees/


New members of IBRO’s Early Career Committee


The IBRO Early Career Committee (ECC) is a global network of 15 self-organized early career scientists who have transitioned within the past years to manage their own independent research programs. It is well known that this transition to independence often represents a critical stage in a scientific career, where new skill sets and networks are particularly important. The ECC is critically important for IBRO as a means to respond to the specific needs of this group of scientists. Furthermore, the ECC functions as an important voice towards IBRO’s leadership and Regional Committees. As this group of excellent scientists are tomorrow’s global scientific leaders, IBRO clearly has a significant interest in recruiting highly motivated individuals who share our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Self-nomination, or nomination, is open until 30 June 2023.


Call for ECC members: https://ibro.org/get-involved-join-the-ibro-early-career-committee-of-independent-scientists/


President's new year's greeting message


Best wishes to all FAONS member societies in the new year! It is an honor and a pleasure for the Japan Neuroscience Society to host the 8th FAONS meeting in Fukuoka on July 24-27, 2024, as part of its Annual Meeting. We will also hold a joint Annual Meeting with the Japanese Society of Neuropsychopharmacology and the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry. Thus, the conference is expected to bring together many researchers from around the world, including Japan's leading basic and clinical neuroscience researchers. There are convenient access points to and from the Fukuoka Convention Center, both domestically and internationally. Fukuoka Airport, the gateway to Asia, is served by many international flights and has frequent connections with Tokyo International Airport. It is only a 5-minute subway ride from Fukuoka Airport to JR Hakata Station and a 10-minute bus ride from JR Hakata Station to the Convention Center. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2024 in Fukuoka.


Michisuke Yuzaki, M.D., Ph.D.


The Japan Neuroscience Society
The 8th FAONS Meeting
Dean & Professor
Keio University Graduate School of Medicine

[FAONS] Call for FAONS Congress 2024

FAONS would like to announce the Call for FAONS Congress 2024.


To participate in bidding, please make sure to submit the following materials to us by July 31st, 2022.


  1. Letter of Intent 

        - This letter must be official and signed by the president of national neuroscience society.


  1. Bidding Proposal

         - Bidding proposal must include venue spec and budget plan.


Please submit the bidding materials via email (hrjung@kbri.re.kr), and also cc sjjeong@kbri.re.kr.


Once you submit the bidding materials, FAONS council members will review the documents and select the candidates for bidding presentation by July 18th.


Bidding presentation will be held on August 19th during Governing Council meeting which will be in hybrid format. 


Please make sure at least ONE representative from national neuroscience society should attend the bidding presentation.


The venue and time for presentation will be announced.

8th Federation of Asian Oceanian Neuroscience Societies (FAONS) Symposium

in conjunction with 3rd Indonesia Conference of Neuroscience (ICN)

“From Bench to Bedside: Implementing Basic to Clinical Neuroscience”

19-21 August 2022

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[FAONS] ISM code for SfN 2022

The Society for Neuroscience provides international societies with a list of unique ID numbers (called "ISM abstract slots") that allow some of their members, who are not members of SfN, to submit abstracts to the SfN annual meeting and register for the meeting at the SfN member rate. The allocation of the abstract slots in the Asia/Pacific region is coordinated by FAONS.

The slots should be awarded first to students and postdoctoral candidates and secondly to people in Category I, II, and III countries of the region as defined by the World Bank.

For those who are in interested and eligible, please send request to hrjung@kbri.re.kr and specify you name, e-mail address, country, and status (student, postdoctoral candidate, junior faculty, tenured faculty) by no later than June 15th (Wed.), 2022.

We are happy to announce that the current Treasurer and Secretary will serve consecutive terms (2022-2024).

FAONS Treasurer: Prof. Tadashi Isa (Graduate School of Medicine & Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan)

FAONS Secretary: Dr. Sung-Jin Jeong (Korea Brain Research Institute, South Korea)