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Various Travel Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships and other funding opportunities are available.

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Travel Awards

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Research Fellowships

IBRO Research Fellowships, which include the John G Nicholls and Rita Levi-Montalcini Fellowships, support post-doctoral training to applicants under the age of 45 for up to one year abroad in good laboratories. The IBRO Research Fellowships were created in honor of John G. Nicholls, the founding director of the IBRO Visiting Lecture Team Programme (VLTP), and Rita Levi-Montalcini, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery of the nerve growth factor.

Application Deadline: June 1 (The online application opens approximately one month prior to deadline, closing at Midnight CET of the deadline date. There is only one application to complete; the Fellowships Committee will select the winner of each named fellowship from among all the applicants of the IBRO Research Fellowships Program.)

Amount: 35,000 euros
Length of stay: one year, non-renewable

Application requirements:

A letter of acceptance from the proposed supervisor (Host Scientist) indicating that he/she is willing to accept the candidate and agrees on the proposed project.

A letter of reference from the present Supervisor.

If available, evidence of an offer that the applicant will have a position to return to in his/her home country after the fellowship.

Applicants from the US/Canada Region will not be considered.

Please note: The funds from IBRO Fellowships should not be spent on indirect costs (such as administrative costs of a research institution or university).  Qualified candidates will not yet have begun working at the laboratory where he/she is applying for the research fellowship at the time the application is submitted. Applicants coming from the United States and Canada will not be considered; however, research fellowships at universities and research institutions within the U.S. and Canada do have the possibility of being funded. This program does not allow for follow-on funding after the first year.

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Regional Grants

FAONS President

Michisuke Yuzaki, M.D., Ph.D.

The Japan Neuroscience Society 

The 8th FAONS Meeting

Dean & Professor

Keio University Graduate School of Medicine



FAONS Secretary

Dr. Sung-Jin Jeong

FAONS Treasurer

Prof. Tadashi Isa

Past President

Adhi Wibowo Nurhidayat

Member Societies

For a list of FAONS member societies and contact details, please go to the About FAONS page.

In addition to IBRO's international fellowships and travel grants, funding is also provided on a regional level. The Asian/Pacific region supports six-month exchange stays at labs within Asia. The European scheme is similar, but stays are limited to three months. Latin America provides funding for the organization of symposia, short courses and travel grants within the region. Finally, the US/Canada Regional Committee provides tuition support to successful applicants (coming from outside of the US and Canada) to the Marine Biology Laboratory and the Cold Spring Harbor Lab in the US.

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Applications open for the 2013 IBRO-APRC Exchange Fellowship

The IBRO-APRC Exchange Fellowship aims to allow high-quality junior scientists at the level of postdoctoral fellow or junior faculty (under the age of 45) from diverse geographic and scientific areas to broaden the scope of their training in neuroscience by working four to six months abroad in established laboratories. Senior PhD students with a good publication record and strong justification for the exchange program will also be considered. Both the applicant and the host laboratory must be within the Asia Pacific Region.

Selection criteria include academic credentials of the applicant and the host, as well as the quality of the research proposal with a structured research plan. Priority will be given to applicants from less developed and less well-funded countries. Strong justification must be made by the applicant that he/she will return home after the exchange, bringing with them new knowledge and skills to advance neuroscience in their home countries. A firm commitment from his/her parent institution to this effect will be viewed favorably by the selection committee.

Funding of up to US$8,500 is available in principle to cover each fellowship. The award may vary depending on the country in which the successful candidate studies. The grant is used along with matching funds from the host laboratory to defray the cost of travel and to subsidize living costs.

Deadline: June 1, 2013 (11:00 p.m. GMT)

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Funding provided by the Asian/Pacific Regional Committee.

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No Scholarships are available at present